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      Our Story

Collectively our employees have been in EMS for over 100 years and have been friends and coworkers since the beginning. They have always had a passion for helping others and for education and safety. Working alongside firemen and law enforcement officers over the years, they understand just how very dangerous being a first responder can be, as they have had their own fair share of close calls. They realized just how bad it really is on Thanksgiving day, 2017. It was on this day that Kasey's husband, Texas State DPS Trooper Damon Allen, was shot and killed on a routine traffic stop on Interstate 45 just south of Fairfield, Texas. 

Kasey has been active in writing legislation that will help to change laws for criminals who have had previous convictions of violence against emergency personnel. The idea behind the legislation is to put better safeguards in place that will protect emergency personnel, and to also provide more armor and protective gear to first responders. We also believe that by creating this company in Damon's honor, we can provide education and safety programs to first responders and emergency personnel that will lessen the risks of dangerous situations, as well as increase awareness to the dangers that emergency personnel face daily. Our goal is to try to be a part of saving as many lives as possible.  We plan on doing this by increasing education to the medical personnel treating patients, by providing increased training to fire personnel, by providing training and safety programs to law enforcement officers, and by providing education and awareness to the community. Our hopes in providing this training is that no other first responder will be faced with dangerous situations they are ill prepared to handle or ever have to face death while on duty. 


     Our     Founder

Kasey Allen
Kasey Allen


Chad pic in truck.jpg
Chad Steely
Coordinator/ Instructor

MEDical director

Dr Adam Corley

Dr. Adam Corley M.D.

Medical Director


Chad in snow.jpg

Chad Steely

Program Director/Instructor

Blake Knoph

TCOLE & Firearms instructor

Kerri Bell


Kateley Smith

EMS/Fire Instructor
A Mallard.jpg

Arthur "Duck" Mallord

EMS Instructor


Garrison Blue

EMS Instructor

Leonard Smith

EMS/Fire Instructor

J Fitch.jpeg

Jake Fitch

M Robb.jpg

Megan Mallord

EMS Instructor
Chuck Skinner

Chuck Skinner

Critical Care Instructor

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